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By advancedriv99092756, Apr 10 2015 12:44AM

The best way to avoid a collision is to expect a collision first. A collision may take place when we make a mistake, others make a mistake and when some one breaks a traffic law.

Many times people make mistakes, many times people drive too fast, run a stop sign, run a red light and even drive on the wrong side of the road and avoid a collision. I call it "Getting Lucky". Depending on luck to to keep you safe is not a good idea. We must guarantee our safety by making sure that we don't make any mistakes and by making sure that we catch others mistakes before they cause a collision.

Never assume that every thing is going to be all right. You may make a mistake. Others may make a mistake.

Think of all the possibilities of what could go wrong. Then have the best possible plan ready in case some thing does not go as planned.

A few examples - A car or a person may pull out in front of you, the car in front of you could come to an abrupt stop or a car coming from the opposite direction may make a turn in front of your car.

The main reason people get into crashes is because they are not expecting that some thing would go wrong. If one is not expecting it then one is not prepared for it. If you are not prepared for it then you will not be able to avoid a collision.

By guest, Mar 6 2015 08:00PM

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