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"... this whole driving experience was an amazing experience for me. Thank you so much for helping me."

-Cynthia R., Age 21, Reading, PA

"... The instructor taught parallel parking in a great method that made it easy to learn."

-Sukritin M., Age 22, Lafayette college, Easton, PA

"... He (Alan, the instructor) was calm. He explained everything. He never got upset or yelled, he just corrected my mistakes."

-Ada A., Age 20, Allentown, PA

"It was a comfortable experience."

-Darlene F., Age 29, Coplay, PA

"Good advice; very helpful; teaches me to be focused and aware. Very helpful in things like turning properly, highway merging and parallel parking."

-William M., Age 16, Nazareth, PA

"He (Alan) helped me get rid of my fear of driving. He helped me to understand the right meaning of driving."

-Yajaira M., Age 24, Allentown, PA

"He (Alan) answers my questions. He explains to me what I did wrong and gives me compliments when I do something right."

-Heidi R., Age 30, Reading, PA

"I learned more today than with all my previous lessons (with other schools) in the past. You (Alan) taught me the very secrets of driving, the road, the parallel parking -- everything."

-Victoria D., Age 43, Whitehall, PA

"The session was very informative. I understand the instructions and the concept of driving. I feel much more confident and more adept at driving."

-Michael G., Age 16, Easton, PA

"Thank you Alan (the instructor) for your patience with me."

-Hilda L., Age 38, Reading, PA

"... after failing the drivers test 3 times on her own and then passing the test first time after taking only one lesson ... Alan (the instructor) really cares about his students and helps them face their nervousness."

-Nurhafni H., Age 24, Nazareth, PA

"I love the way you teach me. You are patient with me."

-Oretha J., Age 25, Bethlehem, PA

"By learning to keep my attention in many places during driving, I feel I better understand what is happening on the road and around me. This relaxes me, and improves my driving."

-Vince W., Age 18, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA

"I want to thank Alan (the instructor) very much for the refresher driving course. It was a very big help for me. I appreciate his patience and quiet manner."

-Marjorie M., Age 71, Easton, PA

"Very informative, very patient. I was very fortunate to take this lesson"

-Mark W, Age 22, Nazareth, PA

"After Steven’s first driving lesson, he drove with such confidence, you would have thought that he was driving for years. He drove like a pro which gave me a lot of confidence in him."

-Amy R  mother of 16 year old Steven R, Gilbertsville, PA

"I thank Alan (the instructor) for showing me a better and more effective way to drive. I greatly look forward to my next lesson."

-Jonathan D., Age 18, Easton, PA

"I learned much more about driving today (in one lesson) than I have in the past."

-Elaine Z., Age 23, Allentown, PA

"I had a very nice and wonderful experience today during my first practice. The instructor was very polite and calm during my session. He gave me a lot of helpful tips which I did know before."

-Evelin S., Age 38, Reading, PA

"The lesson was a great experience for me. I'm more confident. I know where to look and I have a better idea of driving. Before the lesson I was clueless, but now after everything has been pointed out ... it seems so simple and logical. ... You were very helpful and you made me feel comfortable with my driving."

-Kristina V., Age 16, Zionsville, PA

"After my lessons I feel like I'm a much better and safer driver. My outlook and perspective on driving have completely changed for the better. I feel much more comfortable driving than I felt before. I learned a lot of useful things that no one had ever thought to teach me before."

-Jordan S. Age 16, Fleetwood, PA

"I am so glad I did this. I passed the Road Test the first time because of Alan's technique."

-Kristin S., Age 17, Gilbertsville, PA

"Alan (the instructor) is very knowledgeable and patient. He knows the little tricks of the trade that really help with the Road Test. He has helped my daughter in areas where I couldn’t."

-Ann S., mother of Kristin S., Age 17, Gilbertsville, PA

"I feel more confident than I felt before. ... thanks a lot for explaining my mistakes and guiding me."

-Swapnil P. Age 17, Quakertown, PA

"Thank you very much for helping me get my license.  You are a great teacher and I learned a lot from you."

-Nicole A. Age 18, Reading, PA

"I'm very happy with the service that was given to me. Always on time and very punctual. I thought I knew it all but Alan with his patience made me see what I was doing wrong."

-Lisandra M., Age 34, Bethlehem, PA

"Alan (the instructor) was an excellent instructor with a lot of patience. His parallel parking technique was very effective. Overall service was great."

-Elaine T., Age 21, Allentown, PA

"Alan (the instructor) was great, he never yelled at me. He told me what I did wrong and also when I did something right."

-Brenda B., Age 28, Bethlehem, PA

"Thanks for your patience."

-Ravi M., Age 30, Bethlehem, PA

"I have learned a lot. I also liked how you taught me the secret of parallel parking."

-Joel L., Age 16, Bethlehem, PA

(after taking the first lesson) "Today I had a very advanced learning experience. I feel that Alan (the instructor) has opened my eyes to many things. At the end of today's lesson I felt more relaxed, more aware and more prepared for the driving world. (after passing the Road Test)... Thank you so much for your excellent teaching. When I left New York I felt so unprepared and that was after failing the Road Test 2 times. The skills you have taught me were simple to follow."

-Kimberly T., Age 26, Reading, PA

"Alan (the instructor) is very patient, ready to demonstrate what is incorrect and what is. He is very personable. Really good instructor. He is pleasant and calm which is very important for a student, a nervous student! He knows exactly what he's doing and (he knows) your faults before you do."

-Tomica T., Age 21, Sinking Springs, PA

"... (the instructor is) very calm and understanding."

-Ayadah H., Age 25, Easton, PA

"Very successful 2 hours of explanation and driving through streets and highways. All the observations and suggestions very helpful for approximately 80 year olds to experience."

-John & Annette W., Age approx. 80, Bethlehem, PA

"This lesson was a humbling experience. I am glad that I took the lesson. I felt more confident driving. I need to work on looking at the big picture. I've learned a lot today! Thanks."

-Melanie Barrett

"The instructor made her feel at ease."

-Mother of Amoren J., Age 17, Allentown, PA

"The explanation of how to drive, how to focus, and corrections were very helpful. My problem areas were addressed. Things were picked up on that I hadn’t realized and solutions were given that I hadn’t thought of. Instructions were simple to understand but effective. (after passing the Road Test)... My mother even noticed a difference in my driving after the first class. I have so much more confidence now. I feel safe on the road. I felt prepared for the Road Test and finally passed (after failing twice before coming to Advance Driving School). I feel prepared to handle driving."

-Laura H ., Age21, Bethlehem, PA

"It was very beneficial to learn hands-on & be given constructive feedback about what needs to be improved. The principles that were taught will not only help me pass my road test (but also) make me a much safer than I would have been otherwise."

-Jim B ., Age 22, Coplay, PA

"Alan (the instructor) really helped me see the whole picture not just the yellow lines. He made me a relaxed driver instead of a nervous driver."

-Ashley S ., Age 20, Leesport, PA

"Alan (the instructor) taught me to look at the big picture, relax, and look forward! This helped me gain confidence. Parallel parking is easy with his techniques."

-Marcela V., Age 20, Lafayette College, Easton, PA

"After I got into an accident and totaled my car, I felt the need to get lessons in order to figure out what I could do differently to improve my driving skills. I learned more in 30 minutes than I learned in all my other times driving with different instructors. I learned to look at the whole picture instead of one thing. Now I feel more confident and ready to drive again."

-Angie S., Age 17, Coplay, PA

"I would highly recommend lessons from Advance Driving School! It was a very good experience and would do it again if needed. Alan (the instructor) knew exactly what to teach and had fool proof instructions for success."

-Angie G., Age 30, Allentown, PA

"You were very helpful with showing me my mistakes. The lessons I had before were not good enough. I felt as though I didn’t learn enough or I wasn’t taught the proper way to drive.  I appreciate these lessons and passing the test. I will cherish this and remember everything that you taught me. You are the "A" teacher and so is the school. Thanks for everything."

-Ben B., Age 19, Douglasville, PA

"By learning to keep my attention in many places during driving I feel I better understand what is happening on the road around me. This relaxes me and improves my driving."

-Vince W., Age 18, Muhlenberg College, Allentown

"I appreciate my lessons and understand more about the safety of not only myself but others ."

-Zachary L., Age 18, Bethlehem, PA

"... good thing that we have to use our brain and eyes together like multi function."

-Nurhafni. H, Age 24, Nazareth, PA

"The whole experience driving with Advance Driving School was great and educative. I learnt all the parking skills in proximity and I am extremely happy that I chose this driving school as it taught me to become a safe driver."

-Meera J ., Age 20

"This lesson was a humbling experience. I am glad that I took the lesson. I felt more confident driving. I need to work on looking at the big picture. I've learned a lot today! Thanks."

-Melanie B., Age 22, Reading. PA

"I want to thank you for the lessons, which I know helped me more than I thought they would. Sometimes you think you know it all but we don’t. I know if I didn’t have this opportunity, I would not have passed (the road test)."

-Karla V., Age 25, Reading PA

"The lessons helped me a lot, and hearing your words repeatedly helped me during the test as well. The words and advice that you gave me will permanently reside with me, and I will always make sure to be a safe driver. Thank you for the lessons, because they taught me everything I will ever need to know on the road."

-Khushbu P., Age 17, Sinking Springs, PA

"You helped my mother overcome fear of driving -- the most difficult skill to achieve."

-Katryna M. Bethlehem, PA

"He (Alan the instructor) was very calm and patient with me. I was comfortable with him at all times. He is a really good instructor."

-Quienna B., Age 23, Whitehall, PA

"Alan (the instructor) taught me how to have confidence in myself and my driving."

-Sonia M., Age 28, Reading, PA

"Todd (age 16) is my second child who completed driver's training through Advance Driving School. Alan (the instructor) is intelligent, informative and very patient. I feel confident that my children received the best training available and would highly recommend them to anyone."

-Tammy T.,, Sinking Springs, PA

"Alan's (the instructor) instructions on parallel parking are very simple to understand and very effective."

-Rohan N., Age 24, Whitehall, PA

"Todd (age 16) is my second child who completed driver's training through Advance Driving School. Alan (the instructor) is intelligent, informative and very patient. I feel confident that my children received the best training available and would highly recommend them to anyone."

-Tammy T.,, Sinking Springs, PA

(At the finish of the first 3 hour lesson) "I had been driving with relatives to learn how to drive and hit a standstill. Key struggles were turns and confidence. Alan (the instructor) immediately put me at ease and offered helpful instructions less centered on technique and more on where I focused my attention. When I drove (in the past) something that I and my other teachers completely overlooked. This method helped me better understand turns and distance relationships and most importantly helped calm my nerves and increase my confidence levels."

-Melissa L., Age 36, Allentown, PA

"Website very good, phone service very helpful and professional. Instructor was very patient and gave helpful and logical suggestions."

-Michael O, father of Caitlin O., Age 16, Macungie, PA

"Having started driving later in life I was nervous about finally learning to drive. Alan's (the instructor) calm demeanor and patience were definitely helpful. By putting me at ease right away, we were able to concentrate on the lessons."

-Joseph R. Age 32, Birdsboro, PA

"I found that the lessons from Alan (the instructor) are not only very practical but also very scientific and have a theory. Especially the concepts regarding the big picture ... were real eye openers. The lessons have instilled lot of confidence in me and I sure would be much better driver because of these lessons."

-Bharat Y., Age 27, Whitehall, PA

(At the finish of the first 3 hour lesson) ... It was very helpful to have someone not just tell me (that) I was doing something wrong, but to also tell me why I was wrong. (After just one driving lesson) I know how to correct my mistakes and know what to focus on so I can avoid repeating them. ... Margaret H. Age 17, Bethlehem, PA

"The theoretical part of driving was explained very nicely with examples & maintaining one's own safety during driving was stressed upon & explained. The root cause analysis was done for every single mistake during the lessons; as a result, corrective action became simpler. The preparation for road test was very methodical & really helpful. For example, the parallel parking technique was broken down into logical steps & hence was nice & easy to pick up."

-Debopam D., Age 24, Whitehall, PA

"(before lessons with Advance Driving School) I was so nervous to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. As soon as I began to drive with Alan (the instructor), he was calming and helpful; he made the environment less stressful. He taught me a lot of important advice that really helped me during the test. I still remember the tips today (4 months after getting my driver's license) as I drive and they really do help. He has a very effective way of teaching, and a system for parallel parking that makes it as easy as counting to three. I enjoyed my lessons and was confident enough to take the test after only two lessons. I would recommend The Advance Driving School to anyone! Thank you."

-Yasmine R., Age 20, Easton, PA

"So I finally got my (driver') license. I took the test twice before I came to (Advance Driving School). I did not know parallel parking could be so easy! Thank you so much for all your hard work and help. I learnt so much."

-Sarah W., Age 21, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA

"... the (driving) lessons have improved my driving ten-fold."

-Sara I., Age 18, Lower Macungie, PA

"I have worked with another instructor in the past who was impatient and yelled often. Alan (the instructor) never yelled and always made me feel comfortable even when I made a few mistakes."

-Krista W., Age 24, Reading, PA

"Alan (the instructor) helped me in learning safe driving. I realize now that I was not a safe driver before. It was a wonderful experience."

-Sunil P., Age 27, Whitehall, PA

"Incredibly effective, patient instructor. Intensive troubleshooting of critical error/problems led to rapid improvement. Highly pleased! Lessons imbued me with the confidence (that) I needed not only to pass my test but be a safe driver."

-Lisa G., Age 37, Allentown, PA

"Today is my third time (first time with Advance Driving School) to take the (driving) test. With Alan's (the instructor) help I finally gained the knowledge of (parallel) parking. Now I am a licensed driver. Thanks to Advance Driving School!!"

-Chia-Feng (Daisy) C., Age 22, Allentown, PA

"It was a wonderful experience. I now look at driving in a different way. Alan (the instructor) taught me not to be nervous and to focus on my destination."

-Rebecca R., Age 27, Allentown, PA

"... after my driving lessons, I feel more comfortable and safe."

-June K.,  Age 20, Penn State Univ. -- Berks Campus, PA

"I have two sons. Josue 19 and Luis 16 years old and they both took driving lessons with Advance Driving School. Alan (the instructor) taught them to be safe drivers not only good drivers."

-Aurea O., Bethlehem, PA

"I did not know how I could drive with cars all around me. But as I drove with Alan, I listened to what he said about looking at the destination and it helped me lot. It's a great start."

-Noemi M., Age 36, Sinking Springs, PA

"The practice was so much fun!! At first it was kind of scary but once I got used to it, it was adventurous and exciting. Driving in the city was bit intimidating but your instructions helped me lot."

-Eriko N., Age 19, Penn State Univ. -- Berks Campus, PA

"A good teacher always can make a good student."

-Sandy W., Age 18, Allentown, PA

"... (I am) thankful to Advance Driving School (for helping) me achieve a very important goal in my life. (I received) excellent service and the special attention that I needed. I feel comfortable with driving and parking."

-Onyka B., Age 21, Bethlehem, PA

"I am very pleased with the driving lessons that (our son) received through Advance Driving School. Alan was always professional, courteous and very thorough. Thanks so much."

-Renee C., Coopersburg, PA

"I learned about the big picture and how to parallel park, too many things to list actually. Alan was very nice and stayed calm with me. I feel very comfortable on the road and I am very happy I got these (driving) lessons. Thank you!!"

-Erica B., Age 17, Perkasie, PA

"I want to say thank you for always being patient, nice, punctual and very understanding. You are an exceptional teacher and I will recommend your services to anyone. Thank you."

-Griselle R., Age 27, Reading, PA

(before Advance Driving School) "I failed my Driver's Test 5 times on the same thing -- parallel parking! I would practice so much and yet still couldn't pass. After having my lessons with (Advance Driving School) I was not only able to (parallel) park but also drive so much better. I don't know how I would have been able to pass (the Driver's Test) without (my driving lessons)."

-Samantha S., Age 18, Catasauqua, PA

"After failing (the Road Test) twice I decided to get some help. I am so lucky I chose (Advance Driving School). I found it online and took my chances. Alan (the instructor's) approach to driving was something new to me. It was kind of Zen -- "See the Big Picture". I felt confident (that) I would not fail again. ... And I passed. YAY."

-Tansy M., Age 32, Bangor, PA

"I never thought I would learn how to drive or accomplish any type of driving skills with one lesson. Alan (the instructor) was very professional and got to the point. Thank you."

-Heather T., Age 27, Easton, PA

"I never thought I would learn how to drive or accomplish any type of driving skills with one lesson. Alan (the instructor) was very professional and got to the point. Thank you."

-Heather T., Age 27, Easton, PA

And a whole lot more... take their word not ours!