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"We Specialize in Nervous Drivers"

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We can help - GUARANTEED

Whether your driving skills have been affected by a car accident or you're just learning how to drive, Advance Driving School can help you.


While most new and experience drivers believe they are good drivers because they can move a vehicle from one place to another, they are wrong. Being a good driver is being able to drive the vehicle SAFELY every time.


If you find that you or a loved one needs some help either learning how to drive or needs encouragement about driving, contact us TODAY and get your FREE driver's skill evaluation.

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Become a safe, confident, and reliable driver

We take the time to teach you the appropriate skills to become a safe and confident driver. If you find yourself underneath one of the listed categories contact us TODAY to schedule your driving lessons.

Can't afford standard rates?

People who have issues with the listed items need driving lessons:

  • Mental condition

  • Posture

  • Turns

  • Steering

  • Judgment in traffic

  • Speed

  • Road signs

  • Starting

  • Signaling

  • Stopping

  • Steering

  • Turning

  • Backing

  • Highway Driving

  • Starting

  • Parallel parking

  • Perpendicular parking

  • Position in the driving lane

  • Hills

Skills you will learn with Advance Driving School

  • Intersections

  • Three point turns

  • Parking

  • School bus safety

  • Railroad crossings

  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety

  • Entering and exiting highways

We will work with you to see what you can pay.

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